*new* It's All Worship - I've put up another blog for more of my day-to-day musings more pertinant to parenting, quirky stories, tips, videos, and other stuffs.

Donald Miller's Blog - Christian Author and Speaker. Very interesting take on things. Not super "churchy" or "hyper spiritual" (as I can probably be sometimes). Raw and uncut.

Nancy Alcorn's Blog - Founder and President of Mercy Ministries of America - an incredible organization that takes in girls struggling with life controlling issues free of charge, and gives them an opportunity to hear Truth.

Going Beyond Ministries - This is Priscilla Shirer's ministry. She and her team share such unique, down to earth, fresh perspectives on things that may seem mundane in the Christian life. Very relatable.

*new* A Holy Experience - Ann Voskamp is a beautiful homeschooling mom, photographer, poet and writer. She has a profound perspective on the daily things God has for each of us. Worth taking some time to investigate.

Kris Beauchamp's Blog - My home church's head pastor's wife. She is such a sweet spirit, has come through so much, and has so much wisdom. 2x Cancer Survivor with an awesome testimony.

My Life a Melody to His Name - Friend and fellow Mercy graduate, Courtney, who shares her real-life experiences of walking out true victory. She is such an encouragement to me - something tangible I can see/hear when I'm struggling.

Through the Fire - Amy Wenzel is a friend of mine. God's given her incredible talent in so many areas, one of which is writing. My husband and I went to high school with her husband, who is gaining victory over brain cancer right now. Her blog is new, but she's posting their story, and it's amazing.

This is definitely not a conclusive list. I have many friends with amazing blogs that have amazing stories and thoughts to share. I just wanted to put up a few suggestions for deepening your relationship with God, finding encouragement, and seeing a new perspective on things.
*Read: I do not necessarily agree with or align myself with each thought and perspective on these blogs. The Word of God has the final say for me, but fellowship with other believers enriches my understanding and causes me to ask important questions. I find, sometimes, I learn the most from the people that I disagree with.

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