Tuesday, January 26, 2010

to my enemy:

I will testify to the greatness of my God.
I will not be silenced.
A legacy has been set in place - irreversible - disregarding your intentions.
If I am muted, my life itself will sing His song.
Not by my might, but by the power of His story.
Five words anointed remove blindfolds.
Five stones collected preserve freedom and liberty for captives.
Five loaves feed the needy and the hungry.
Five words in my mouth - five words from Him - can change the world.

I. will. not. be. silenced.

If I am muted, generations will cry out on my behalf.
Things are in motion that will never be halted.
The harder you attack me, the more I will scream His praises.
I will not be a pawn in your hand.
I have placed my life in the strong hand of my Father.
You have been defeated in my life, and in the lives of millions.
His army will prevail.
His birthright will be fulfilled.
And I, I am a voice among a deafening thunder of testimonies.
Leave now, in the Name of Jesus.
He will be glorified.
God will be magnified.

I will not be silenced.


linds w said...

That's powerful! You just put the devil on blast! BAM!

Kurt Wagoner said...


allforone said...

Very powerful and moving Emily- thanks for sharing!