Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I'm really not feeling very well today. It's been a tricky, undefinable, exceedingly frustrating set of symptoms that have lasted about a month, now. Some days, I wake up great! I have energy, my thoughts are clear, my day is organized. And then some days, I wake up, and I'm incapacitated. Not mentally or emotionally (though after a day or two the mental games start...), but physically, I am unable to get out of bed.  Or, once I'm finally up, it's not long before I'm back in bed.
Today was one of the latter days. Please pray for my family. We've fought too hard and God has done too much to let a single day pass by without His best for our family. Like I wrote yesterday, sometimes the way that I expected things to lay out are completely different from His plan. Why did I finally come out of a three-year-long, life-threatening depression just to find myself in bed with a tummy ache?  I know that God did not make me sick. Neither physically or in my emotions. But I do know that He brings all things together for good.


Bravehearts said...

praying, praying, praying!!! I think satan is looking for new ways to attack you since you are working your hardest to turn all of the emotional things over to God daily.

I'm assuming no medical reason can be found for the physical symptoms? I know you are strong enough to handle this, but I am going to pray that God takes this away from you and allows you to experience health in all areas instead of it feeling like you're trading one for another.

Love you!

emily said...

Thanks for your prayers, girly...
And thank you all for all of your prayers!
Definitely doing better physically, and learning how to overcome through it all, even when I'm not 100%. It's more than a physical battle, I know that much. :)
Everything is on some level, I guess.

Love you back!