Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Define Irony

So, I don't know if anyone else notices this in their lives, but it's so predictable that it's funny.

Whenever God really starts talking to me about something, I'm almost immediately tested in that area. It may be that I am just more keyed in to the topic, like when you're looking to buy a car that you've never really heard much about, but suddenly they are all over the road. As if everyone simultaneously got the idea to buy the exact same car the exact same week.
Not two hours after I got all hyped about being a Xena the Warrior Princess (minus the horrible acting and all associated idioms), Satan lobbed a hand grenade over the fence, and I found myself face to face with my raw humanity.
Alex was home from school, because he woke up not feeling well. We had a peaceful morning and early afternoon, but after he awoke from a nap, he was in horrible pain. Headache, rapidly climbing fever, sore throat, nausea, the whole nine yards. He was inconsolable, so I called the Dr. and squeezed him in to a 4:40pm appointment.  Somehow, within 50 minutes, I needed to get my daughter and I dressed and out the door, pick up my middle son from my mother-in-law's house, pick up Kurt from work (we are a one car family at the moment), get everyone to their designated locations, and get Alex to the doctor.

It did not go well. My shield of faith was trampled by my four-year old's tantrum about her pants being too tight. My son's symptoms randomly responded (after 2 hours) to the Tylenol I'd given him. I also had an embarrassing lack of an insurance card. My double edged sword got lodged in the 3 foot snow bank out in front of my house, and my temper went through the roof.
I drove down 72nd street with tears streaming down my face and my prayers sounding whiney and pitiful instead of victorious and authoritative.

But God is faithful. Annabelle was satiated by the candy cane, Kurt found a ride and a way to pick up Isaac, the insurance information was on file (with no co-pay), and our trip to the doctor was not in vain... Alex has a full-blown case of strep. (not that I'm glad that he's sick :(, but I feel less stupid about taking a healthy-seeming kid to the doctor no matter what his symptoms were doing two hours previous)

So here I am, none-the-less victorious, begging my emotions to line up with the Truth of God's Word. Resting in His presence while my sons play computer and my daughter watches "Angelina Ballerina" on Netflix.

Just so everyone knows my life is super real. :)


Bravehearts said...

I can so relate to what you went through today. I truly believe God understands when we don't handle things "as we should" or "with the right amount of faith". Maybe most importantly today was for him to show you even when it feels nothing can work out and you can't see how it can, HE WILL deliver.

Kudos for you for praying through your tears while still trying to get the things that needed to be done accomplished. You know the Holy Spirit filters our prayers to the Father and uses words we do not even understand, so I'm sure your "whiney" prayers were still music to God b/c you were talking to him and reaching out to him.

Definitely praying you will not be tested like that everyday, and that the next time it happens you will be able to let out that awful,, Lucy Lawless (Xena) yell! Ayeyayayaya!!!! :)

Aaron, Angie, Hailey, Lexi, and Jacob said...

I so understand where you're coming from! Satan likes to try to get us down after we discover one of God's truths. My kids also seemd to be miraculously healthy when we had to bring them in to the doctor...funny! Glad you were able to get Alex in to the doctor and praying for quicky healing and stengthened immune systems for the rest of you. :)